A.W.S. N.W.S. C.W.A.

Don’t walk in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought

Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society
Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society
Signature Member of the California Watercolor Association

National & International Shows and Awards:

  • 2nd place award, 2012, California Watercolor Association
  • Brand Library Award, 2009, Watercolor West
  • Art Trails, Sonoma County, CA, 2006-present
  • Academy of Arts Award 2006, San Francisco California Watercolor Association
  • 12th Annual National Exhibition 2004, Western Colorado Watercolor Society
  • Signature Certificate and High Winds Medal, American Watercolor Society 137th Annual
  • International Exhibition, New York City 2004
  • Cheap Joe Award, Watercolor West XXXII Annual Exhibition, Brea, CA. 2000
  • 133rd Annual International Exhibition, American Watercolor Society, New York City 2000
  • National Exhibit Watercolor U.S.A. 1999, Springfield Art Museum, Cover illustration
  • Ogden & Mary Pleisner Memorial Award, 130th Annual International Exhibition
  • American Watercolor Society, New York City 1997
  • President Award, California Watercolor Association Annual Exhibition 1997
  • Annual Exhibition, California Watercolor Association 1996
  • Juror Award, Small Works Show, California Museum of Art 1996

  • Signature Certificate, National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition 1993


  • 2007 National Center for Farm worker health annual commemorative artwork
  • Sonoma county medical assoc. alliance foundation 2006 brochure cover garden tour
  • David Decamilla, Olive Orchard Harvest, 2005
  • Sonoma County Harvest Fair Posters, 1995, 1996, 1997
  • Gloria Ferrar, Sonoma CA, Private Collection


  • The New Palette Magazine Issue#72 2020   The art of Stillife by Christopher Schink.  
  • Watercolor Painting, 2012 by Tom Hoffman
  • American Art Collection, 2010, Alcove Books, Berkeley
  • American Artist magazine, Watercolor, Winter 2008
  • The palette magazine series on people, 2006
  • Landscapes in Watercolor, Watson Guptill
  • Basic Watercolor Answer Book, Cathrine Anderson
  • Pacific Coast Farm Credit, Annual Report 1997
  • Best of Watercolor Volume II, Rockport Publishers
  • American Artist Watercolor, magazine, Winter 2008


Highlight gallery, 45052 Main St. Mendocino, Ca.,


  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Classes with artist Michael Laffrado and Italy retreat, 2000 Art Certificate Program
  • Sonoma State University, classes and Italy retreat with artist Philip Bueller, 1997, 1998


         I have a deep respect for the challenges involved in working with the watercolor medium.  Paint is the expression of the art language. Subject is secondary. The process is the product. This to me is essential as an artist, as well as the vital need to experiment. Art represents a visual and personal expression of the places, people and events that are part of my spiritual journey through life. My art is, I hope, sincere feelings expressed. My goal is to bring to the viewer a language of simple visual poetry as it exist within the watercolor medium.